About the portal

The ASIC Regulatory Portal is where our regulated community can access ASIC’s increasing suite of digital services. We are committed to changing as many paper-based transactions we can to digital alternatives, which we will make available through the portal. In time, the portal will also become a means for us to communicate our decisions to you on, for example, an application, or to remind you that you have a compliance activity to perform.

Through adopting modern technologies, supporting digital standards and techniques, and compliance with whole of government digital initiatives such as the Digital Service Standard, we intend that over time the portal will become the primary means through which we will engage with our regulated community, which includes:

  • existing or potential licensees or managed fund operators and their representatives (including Australian financial services licensees, credit licensees, market operators, and managed fund operators) to apply for and manage licences and registrations
  • existing or potential registered professionals (liquidators, auditors, and authorised audit companies) to apply for and manage registrations
  • service providers (including registered agents, lawyers, accountants and other professionals who represent ASIC’s business stakeholders, or lodge on their behalf) to apply for and manage licences and registrations
  • organisations (officeholders or employees who notify or interact with ASIC on behalf of a regulated entity) to lodge breach reports or notifications of compliance, apply for relief, or receive and respond to notices.

At its inception it will provide the core functionality and enabling platform for submission of industry funding business activity metrics and applications for Asia Region Funds Passport. Following this we will widen the portal’s scope to include services for our other regulated stakeholders including auditors, Australian financial service licence holders and companies.

Read the ASIC Regulatory Portal: User Agreement and Frequently Ask Questions.